John Dooley




I first came here in 1992 to do a PhD in Rhizobium (nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with legumes - peas, beans, clover). I also worked on a project looking at the genetics of native 联合王国 equine breeds before leaving to work on prawn genetics in the USA and Thoroughbred genetics in Ireland.  I was also a visiting lecturer in around 2002 & 2003 running the UG & PG Equine genetics and breeding modules at that time.  I started full time at RAU in October 2014 – on the same day that the students arrived!


当在爱尔兰我的马项目建成后,我参加了在英国诺丁汉大学后开发的DNA(基因)标记的肉类品种的鉴定。 ESTA导致我搬到卡姆登BRI在那里我的真实性和质量组开发的DNA标记对不同的食品,包括肉类,鱼类,橄榄油,巴斯马蒂大米等工作此外,我管理的分析项目合同有关的蛋白质,酶和抗氧化剂。




I like the fact I can bring real industry knowledge to the students during my teaching & think/hope that they find this beneficial


The current situation with Brexit is probably the most challenging aspect at present as no-one is sure about how this will finally affect the agri-food industry.  However, I don’t think that some of the subject areas I teach (e.g. food law, safety & quality) are going to change too much as the 联合王国 is still going to be trading with the EU in some form and will need to comply with their laws in order to do this.  Students on the degree courses at this time are likely to be the first to feel the effects though as they will have graduated RAU, completed their graduate training programmes and just be starting to work independently in the sector as many of these changes are likely to be implemented.  An interesting time for all.


考虑食品工业......它不只是简单的关于食物,但提供了机会,那些具有各种不同的利益。例如,我喜欢用的航空吧......很多人都知道的比喻。 ESTA带给客户需要一个团队,包括:

  • (i) technical, scientists & engineers with knowledge of bubble structure, the properties of sugar, microbiology etc to make the bar

  • (二)设计,营销,法律鹰帮助生产包装和标签,以确保它是有吸引力的客户,同时还符合法律规定

  • (三)销售人员,物流,零售商,帮助产品移动到店,因此它总是可用的,以为客户。





There is nearly 200 years of history built into the fabric of the buildings, meaning it could almost be an Ox-Bridge college sited in the sticks. The campus is set in the Cotswold AONB and the original old buildings are built of local yellow stone meaning the site remains attractive even on cold & wet days.  The small group size of many modules, means lecturers get to know you better and can try and advise on degree & career progression.  




  • 隧道房子是值得一游特别是出于长期的时间,当它是安静!

  • Keith的咖啡馆,这在赛伦塞斯特已经几乎从时候开始。如果你能得到一个席位,他们的房子交融的杯子永远值得的。基思如果有忙总是在赛伦塞斯特其他40个加咖啡出口之一 - 我知道这是ESTA作为我的一个学生的论文题目!