research at rau

royal agricultural university (rau) has a long history of applied research, providing solutions and recommendations of real practical benefit to those working in the countryside and associated industries. our research mission is to: ‘develop and sustain applied and near-market research relevant to the land-based sector’

our connectivity with a wide range of land-based businesses and staff with expertise in sustainable agriculture, food chain security, agronomy, agribusiness, equine science, real estate and urban regeneration and development, the rau provides a stimulating environment for research.

we offer two post graduate research-based courses mscr and phd both validated by university of gloucestershire. these programmes of study cover a wide range of topics and will appeal to anyone interested in further study of the land-based sectors.

the rau has recently developed a virtual research hub which allows our research staff to interact across a wide range of subjects. our research programmes therefore benefit from a truly multi-disciplinary approach, which leads to interesting projects and innovative problem solving.